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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 28, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>>neil: five days. five polls of the one problem. we want washington to shrink the spending pie but not our slice of pie. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. we pie, you decide. a big pie. but what is a slice? americans are not saying. all the polls including fox and
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usa today, i don't care what poll you are talking, you name the poll and find a majority in any agreeing on what to cut and i am not talking just democrats i am talking republicans and independents. everyone. nobody seems to want their o to be gored. on social security they say leave it alone. medicare, the same. medicaid, same. even defense. people say do not touch it. here is what we have. being of italian descent i thought this was the best way to show it. think of a budget as a pie we cannot afford so we have this here and before i eat it let me explain. more slices are going out than money is coming in. and we are not willing to cut any of the slices. think of it, east table, not 33 percent going to medicare and
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medicaid. see that? or the 21 percent next to that for social security. or the 20 percent for defense. all of which means nothing, nothing, nothing is going to patch to this puppy that goes to the interest on the debt. getting hungry? put another way, 82 percent of this pie cannot be touched. unless i eat it. 82 percent! or put another way: more than $3 trillion in a $4 trillion budget is off the table. hate to break it to you but i think we have to work on this. right now the delivery dude, who is chinese, is ticked. because he has been carrying us, he has been hoisting the bill for the pies. and he is getting tired of our
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politicians and of us. especially our promises to cut spending, stop ordering so many things. we did not mean our slices. or our spending. because our slices and our spending is important. this is a big dilemma. so the cato institute on why this is the heart of what airlines us. no one wants to see cuts from us. this is very unappetizing. >>guest: well especially if i am sitting in a studio at the cato institute and i don't get the pizza. two things that could sound like a contradiction. of course we should cut spending and that means if we happen to be benefiting from government programs we should be willing to become away from the table and say okay, as long as everyone's ox is gored and the politicians are not protecting the sacred
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cows get rid of programs, including entire departments like the department of agriculture, department of education, these are things the federal government --. >>neil: that does not make sense. all that, agriculture, that is this little slice. i could give there to you or we have a lot of thin anchors, i could give it to them. but that is all we are addressing. we are leaving off medicare. off social security. leaving afternoon -- leaving off defense. so all this, all this -- done! we are leaving it. that's weird. that is going to be the noose for whoever takes over next year talking a good game on cutting but when push comes to shove, we whine and we are back to where we were.
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>>guest: we have to get control of medicaid, kick the entire program back to the states and get the federal government out of that. reform social security and medicare. i admit that could not be so much in the short run. but, then the other part of the puzzle: revenue, each year for 10 years, if you step the bush tax cuts is going to grow by an average of 7.3 percent a year. so we are getting more cheese and tomato coming in so if we keep spending down to 3 percent or 2 percent a year we can actually make a lot of progress. that is how we balance the budget of the 1990's. we held spending growth to under 3 percent a year. we need to do the same thing again. >>neil: i love you dearly we cannot grow our way to afford the pie. that can go a long way toward
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dressing but when we do not have the courage to address that and you right to say what you did about entitlements but when we lead them off the table and furthermore the polls are shocking in terms of the consistent theme, people recognize spending is out-of-control by both parties. when it comes to stuff that under their purview or stuff that helps them, if you could look at the other slice, and if you could look, maybe, at this discretionary slice, or why do you look at joe's social security? not mine. you are limiting your options. you might grow to the point you could charge a lot more for the pie and afford it but right now at these levels we can't. >>guest: if we shut a cap on spending, say we only allow the pie to grow 2 percent a year and forcist groups to fight interest each other. you want a fight for the
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increase in medicare you have to cut something out of the department of commerce. want to increase the department of housing and urban development, restrain the growth of social security? >>neil: they will not do it. we have had the balanced budgets amendment and each your you have to do this or freeze growth in certain programs, 2 percent or 3 percent, and we see a lot oftend folks say do not pull my social security, medicare, medicaid, and it is not included and the military, we have a $750 billion budget but do not address cost overruns with us. and on and on. >>guest: i agree it is difficult. but we did actually do it in the 1990's and we can do it again so long as two things happen: the american people stay involved and are ready to kick out republicans if they do the wrong thing after they get power. number two, we can't let
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washington get a penny of new tax revenue because every penny of tax revenue eases up pressure to be responsible about spending. and we have a choice: do we want to wait until we collapse like greece or fix our problems now? >>neil: the bottom line, quickly, we have a choice here. we can look at this delicious pie which is not looking too good. and pay more for it or take slices away pause we cannot afor the whole pie. >>guest: and yesterday, boehner wanted to increase medicare spending, presuming future speaker of the house, putting republicans in control so it does not matter if you have an "r" or a "d" after your name, if you think you are going to washington and take other people's money so they vote for you, the tea party should run you out of town. >>neil: thank you very much.
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this pie will be staying on the set, guys, throughout the show. bring home the bacon or whatever, instead of running from pork a lot of candidates are squealing about it. >>neil: pizza for everyone, embrace all the pork, all the pizza. i don't think is. the ads are saying look what i brought home for you, look at the bacon.
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>>guest: the problem with the argument that members of congress should not earmark where funds go so all the funding decisions are made by bureaucrats in washington and the federal government in the exegive branch. so the tea party candidates are saying i will not earmark everything but leave it to president obama to figure out where the money will go. >>neil: the earmarks are stupid because you are right, we have to start somewhere but the earmarks, here we go. >>guest: that is what we are talking about. >>neil: you can get rid of the earmarks. it is nothing else being done. so i am looking at that and saying, you are bragging about this slice? and not addressing whether you made any attempt to bring in any of the other slices? >>guest: the debate has been over earmarks. people are signing pledges. >>neil: they are bragging for
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it. >>guest: it is their job to fine funding. >>neil: here is what would win, my slogan would be "no bacon, no bull." i didn't bring you a bridge or tunnel or a hospital with my name or a post office with my name. i didn't bring you one penny. and you have 45 congress men doing that, 100 senators, a president of either party with the guts to push that the pizza party, you could have a pizza party. >>guest: after 9/11 the congressional delegation from new york went to bush to say we need $20 billion for security from new york city and they got it. it was right. >>neil: wait, wait, wait, there is a big difference between we are getting a tax and some clown ordering money for water park two miles from water. now, we, we have to have to
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recognize this. i am looking at there and saying i don't want to leave my kids with this bill. some days i do, actually. but it is out control. and we say now you are saying, and you are lovely man, you are saying earmarks are okay. >>guest: the job of members of congress is to determine what the federal budget is. >>neil: it is not. >>guest: i work there. until that is a twisted notion of congress' job, their job is to say we are freaking nuts and out-of-control, and we are on a diet of pizza nonstop which is not bad but, but, but unable to pay for it. it's time for any party, come in and say, this must stop. this could have been business before, it could have been processed before but the cheese hit the fan and we can't keep doing it. >>guest: when a bridge
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collapsed in colorado and if senator buck is a reality he will not go to congress and ask for money because he is against earmarks, that is what he said. >>neil: there is a difference between emergency appropriations and earmarks. that is a loose definition of $200 billion, spending we had that was called "emergency," that no one debated. it is time if you want to set up a contingency emergency fund, like if the furnace goes out at home, people at home do it, the government can do it. that does not noon we brag about there and say we are on fire. we're not. >>guest: most homes in america, their emergency fund is a credit card. we have to stop that. >>neil: i am telling you what, the average american has a boater balance sheet than anyone in washington and i am telling you the "sheet" has hit the fan and folks at home are saying "enough, enough."
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>>guest: well, i love pizza. >>neil: senator boxer's office has been caught soliciting teachers to get students to campaign on her behalf. she is apologizing. the letter that started it supposed by a taxpayer watch dog
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>>neil: accused of violating election laws, senator boxer apologizes, and our guest,
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supposed the letter. maybe we should go to the apology first from the boxer camp. the manager says the campaign volunteer coordinators notified schools near the campaign headquarters the campaign was "accepting volunteers," and the letter was written by a volunteer and reviewed by junior staff was inappropriate. what the letter recommended, and we will show it, was to try to petition teachers to get students to volunteer at boxer events. that's a no-no. >>guest: big no-no, a violation of both california decisional law and a specific education code provision that provides you cannot use state resources, school resources, either in terms of money or time from the teachers to engage in political activity. every state has laws like this. so the fact this escape their common sense is amazing. this should have been reviewed
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by the legal team. common sense dictates you do not use public resources for political advocacy. it is a violation of law. >>neil: that is why i don't know if an apology cuts it. just congress through a chain of normal command someone would say you are trying to solicit kids to do work for you, for free in this case, son so many levels, not good. >>guest: it looks like a form letter that went out not just to local schools but we trying to determine how many teachers this went through. it looked like a coordinated of the by the teacher unions and not a case where she is saying we want to give kids an opportunity to engage in political activity. but it is about me, we're in the fight of our lives and about the campaign. not about giving kids an opportunity engage in political activity that maybe a couple of months ago, if it went out,
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there are some certain programs and classes that allow kids to engage in this kind of volunteer activity. but those solicitations have to be balanced and bipartisan but this was about boxer campaign. >>neil: but lost in all of this liter is -- this letter is "we want to extend this opportunity to local students and invite them to volunteer," and "let us know if you and your students are available to help." that is a little icky. >>guest: our letter was a reminder to the school district any use of their staff credentialed or otherwise for political advocacy while on school grounds is a violation of
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law. we are following up to see how well our warning was listened to, to the school direct which is left of center. it would not surprise us some of the teachers made that opportunity available. >>neil: thank you. and the plan to reach out by the president to republicans, democrats saying the g.o.p. democrats saying the g.o.p. should skip it. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere, and go everywhere. let's keep it moving. ♪
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>>neil: we have the best coverage on election might and our guests are bragging to our competition about it. >> i will go to cavuto on election day. >> he is a lover. i know. i know. >>neil: our friend, the home depot found are excited about
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our election night coverage on another financial network whose name escaped me. a big name we will have election day from 4:00 eastern day on election day so many big names so little time. check out our website and visit us at with lots of questions. we are asking this question: would you support cuts to social security? medicare? medicaid? i am getting e-mails, we cannot include them because they are supposedly self funded. they could be supposedly self funded. but they are not self funding. and they are entitlements. many of you put a go deal of money in this but they are broke and they are going to lose money and at the rate we are going they will go kaput. that is why they are there. we are not making disparaging
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comments but everyone wants to keep having it and receiving it we have to do something. when the election is over the president is ready to reach out to republicans and we hear he wants to take them to a big week at camp david. bowling with boehner, and maybe kumbaya with both, and my guest says skip camp david. but he overcame being with jimmy carter and became quite the established political tighten. you think this nice stuff does not help? >>guest: the best part is skeet shooting. you have the brigade around you. the battalion, armed. >>neil: obviously, what will happen? it will have to be a bridge or what? >>guest: the president is burning bridges in this election
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right now. he is saying things as common about republicans ride in the back of the vehicle or the bus which was unfortunate term and his comment a couple weeks ago that it will be hand-to-hand combat in the congress. he has been fueling the fires. our post partisan president has become as partisan as anyone i have seen, richard nixon. they have to make a deal, this is about substance. those elected are elected for substance, not because they are nice or pretty or sane but elected because of the programs. >> sanity is not an asset. >>neil: we are noticing a rebellion when both ranks. the republicans, we know, the tea party but among the democrats those wanting to take on nancy pelosi including the
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guy in north carolina, the democrat. listen. there is no alternate i will run for speaker of the house. >> you would not vote for nancy pelosi? >> i will vote for myself if that is the alternative. >> if she is there you would vote for yourself? >> i don't know how clearer i can be. i can do as good a job of anybody in the united states congress because i can bring people together. >>neil: i didn't hear the full text if she was up for minority leader or speaker. they will turn on her. >>guest: absolutely. if they win. if they win, which they are not, it would be all right, they would manage but she will not stay long and people like schuler have to worry about getting back to the next congress. >>neil: and the blue dog democrats would repudiated this, they could suffer the most?
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>> some will survive and they are slaughtered because as i said when you have parliamentary government you get parliamentary election and they went along, a couple of votes "no," but voters know if they go back and they are democrats or republicans for that matter, they will do what the party leadership says and the independence of the blue dogs where they say "screw you," no, their money and committee chairmanships and things come from that. but the democrats on wednesday morning, i guarantee, because i will be part of it, the revolt of the reasonable center, of the democratic party against the people who hijacked the democratic party. >>neil: no one has hijacked our pizza. it is still here. the only thing is there is in way to pay for it. someone thought i had it covered. for creating jobs what our leader could leader from
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germany. (high-pitched laughter) man: hey you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood! vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>>neil: one pizza today. over the new few days, lot of pizzas, lot of food, lots of
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work. election day, five days and we are working nonstop around the clock ahead of it. our coveragecies off on -- our coverage kicks off on saturday. we have former senator fred thompson, and someone who is trying to torpedo the health care law and on sunday at 4:00, we are back with imus and former homeland security secretary tom ridge and on monday, sarah palin, fox business all night coverage of the big event that other guests are talking about open other networks on election day, four republican kentucky senate candidate rand paul, donald trump, among others. starting at 6:00, nonstop coverage, with the likes of fdr's grandson, james roosevelt, congressman, form democratic governor doug wilder, and many, many more. including more pizza analogy to
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drive home the point and many of saying don't include my medicare or social security. i am telling you whether you put the money in, whether you did everything right or not, it's broke. it's in bad shape. it needs fixing. we wake up to that reality or i am telling you, you will not have any of it. i am saying the pizza will be thrown out. that's why it is a big deal. call them entitlements, but i call them "broke." and that's what we are addressing. first time jobless claims dipping, the white house today calling it heartening but with unemployment 10 percent maybe the president should look to germany. the jobless rate is lowest level
4:36 pm
in two decades. germany is keeping a tight lip on spending and taxes. she is the new iron lady. >> somewhat. the key thing is not what the germans did with what they did not do, resisting our advice to go on a spending bing, tax increasing bing, the germans have not tried to take over areas of the economy but are still in trucive in other parts of the economy so they are not going on tax increasing bing, and natural forces kick in, and the germans are doing better than we are the first time in years. >>neil: they argue against going too crazy with the spending because they remember hyper plagues and that opened the door for a little guy with a mustache so they are very, very
4:37 pm
acutely aware of the risks. it doesn't seem the rest of the world is. >>guest: others are waking up to it in britain with spending cuts that would have been unthinkable a year or two ago and unfortunately they are making mistakes on the tax side. a lot of countries in europe including ireland and lithuania and the small countries have taken drastic measures in the last couple of years that have not gotten much publicity so greece is an example of what not to do. what california and illinois are doing are examples of what not to do. people are taking the lessons to heart. that will be reimbursed on tuesday. >>neil: and the pizza thing, i know you have a erudite fellow, people say "not my social
4:38 pm
security," and intimes -- entitlements in general and i say, you didn't do it, but it's in a pickle and they have to address it. but it seems to fall on deaf ears. >>guest: there are two approaches to entitlements. one is root canal with drugs, raising retirement age to 88, cutting benefits if half and things like that. but the positive approaches can be taken that will be pushed, bringing in a new system for younger people with personalized accounts, priefort -- private accounts and you take the creative approach. for example in medicare you can give people a choice now where they have a choice like health savings accounts, they do not feel that is a cut back but they have more control with a new system you have a system that allows creativity and brings in cost because it brings in
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productivity. we need that in health care. >>neil: thank you. did boehner hit a bump with his party? when repeal is not sitting well with republicans. [ k. tyrone ] i'm an engineer. my kids say i speak a different language. but i love math and math and science develop new ideas.
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>>neil: i don't think i have gotten so many e-mails since my cavuto platform, we are looking at our budget as a pizza pie. picture this pie. we have a shot of this. it is a $4 trillion pie. very expensive pie. no extras justify the pie that is our government spending. everything can be cut. my recommendation has been
4:43 pm
everything is on the table of the all parts of the pie, not just entitlements although they make up 55 percent of the pie and those that get entitlements want to go to another part of the pie. defense, certainly room for cutting there. social security, all this stuff. you get the idea, there is little wiggle room. and here is what happens. they say the only place you can clearly cut the waste fraud and abuse is this little piece, the earmark stuff, but i am saying look at the whole pie, address the whole pie, trim the whole pie but they have trouble agreeing on that. inly when they have trouble agreeing on what to do with the huge part of the pie. this new health care law. republicans on board fully repealing it as the wish of boehner and others.
4:44 pm
are they setting themselves up for big disappointment. eggs the political slogan is "repeal and replace." in an ideal world, a lot of us as republicans would like to start over again and get this right. what john boehner is saying, they have the veto, they may have part of the control of the senate. passing a bill through the house of representatives is not going to do it. those are the realities. there needs to be a lot of change and many of us would like to start again but we are not likely able. >>neil: what is the easy thing to do? we hear of starving it. what? >>guest: there are some things i believe for example republican governors will and could do. for example, they will be implementing the exchanges. insurance exchanges will be a big part of our future.
4:45 pm
they can define those in a way that will make the government an organizer of a market opposed to the creation of a subsidy administration system. you can take the law and make it into what it could be opposed to what it is. another is medicaid, you have been talking about that. not only must we deal with medicaid and medicare, we have to do it to fix health care. medicaid is a place the governors in the states can make a lot of progress. >>neil: if republicans at this stage can't sign a pledge to repeal it, whether you are for it or not, and working the edging could be workable you why ceded significant ground saying repeal does not look likely. >>guest: we will see the house of representatives run that repeal and they may pass a
4:46 pm
repeal. then the president would repeal it. and we don't have the votes. we will see in the fall a collision on the budget. all of the provisions of health reform will be on the table in the context of that budget collision. we have a big budget summit or something to try and breakthe logjam. that is the point the republicans can make significant progress in changing big parts of the bill. >>neil: but they will have to spell out what they will cut and if polls are right a lot of folks are in a mood to cut but not for them. >>guest: i have been critical of my own party. we have not yet put forward an alternate as to what we will do and we will have to. we are in a position where the wind is at our back, people are mad about the bill but we will have to come up with an
4:47 pm
alternate and say what we would change. we don't have to talk about cutting. we can talk about transforming the way it is structured. we can fundamentally change the way medicaid is delivered. we can make changes in medicare that are positive. >>neil: we will watch closely. >>neil: this talk troubles my next guest and the argument is repeal all of it or get out of it. and philip is with the dallas tea party. you don't like the compromise approach. >>guest: neil we made this clear the summer before last. americans do not want obamacare, they do not want government involved in our health care system. this is nothing more than another attempt to grow the size
4:48 pm
of government and destroy the best health care system in the world. the government has done little or nothing right. >>neil: when you hear republicans saying they are being realist and whatever the nones are after november they will not be significant enough to override a presidential veto, taking it apart is much more realistic and doable strategy than trying to repeal, equivalent to banging your head against the wall. >>guest: i don't think the republicans will have the numbers to override a presidential veto and we know president obama will not veto what has been the hallmark of his social of the agenda. we can defund it. the way the tea party is looking at this, it is a five to six election cycle cleansing of washington. we need to bring fiscal conservatives to washington. they are not there. the republicans that may or may
4:49 pm
not take power will be elected or re-elected and put into power by virtue of not being democrats. >>neil: are you of the mindset to curb the growth often times? or addressing defense? that everything is open the table? normally when you start this process everywhere but there, not my stuff. >>guest: everyone wants to pass the cuts to somebody else. but the bills become due and the system will collapse. we cannot continue to ignore social security and medicare and medicaid or put into place the obamacare which will destroy our health care system at a tremendous cost. americans do not want the government involved in our health care. we have to get away from the cradle to grave welfare system
4:50 pm
allowed to grow. we have to reward producers and stop rewarding moochers. >>neil: thank you very much.
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>>neil: two different rookses to the same thing. wall street analysts looking at the announcement that exxon mobil made $7.4 billion. and they downgrade the stock because it was not as much as they expected. politicians look at the same announcement and hammer the company for making more money
4:54 pm
than can be tolerated. i know that wall street is weird but i know that politicians are weirder, they cannot fathom a company making that much but i didn't remember one complain when apple reported a week ago making almost as much money. the empty pad folks can pad another $4.3 billion in profits because they are "cool." the oil companies ... they are not cool. i don't sew -- so much i touch apple but stick a finger at exxon mobil, anyone making billions is making a lot but no distinguishing exxon mobil per share is less than apple or it costs a huge separation that are
4:55 pm
more expensive than ambassador -- that apple is holy and gas and not holy. so the oil company profs profit is less than apple. as far as i can tell at least they are making money more than the politicians who are losing money. that brings us back to my pizza pie. many you have suggested through the course of this show e-mailing me, just let the rich pay for the pie. they are sucking off the system. they should pay. the pie is cold. it is now officially yucky.
4:56 pm
and you want to charge more for that pie? you want to charge more for the pie? the debate shouldn't be over who pays more for pie but why they are paying more for the pie. we have moved the debate in the country away from the quality of the pie to the quality of the folks paying for the pie. we now know the pie is cold. it's greasy. and i found out where we got it. but what have we done? we have turn on each other about would will pick up the tab for this puppy without addressing by anyone, why anyone is paying more. saturday, 10:00 eastern, more on pies, more on money, more on one of the biggest midterm elections. ever. from outside our new york
4:57 pm
headquarters, where we are recommending those who stop by to bring bakery products. we are following the event at all the rallies across the country. be there. with some of the big names. if some of the guests have .ed out on rival networks, fox is the place to be and the only place to be. it's why we are live throughout the weekend up until next day. the weekend up until next day. we're hungry. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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fabulous! they ga me this great idea.


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